You're lookin at it

HTML can make websites and have web browsers do cool things like make words paragraphs and have links that your customers can click

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still looking at it..

CSS can change how your computers web browser displays the HTML you write. It makes the website have style throuout.

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The magic of modern websites

JavaScript is what makes websites react to you the user. Its kind of new to me so we'll need extra time for somthing more than basics.

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Do you like how this page looks?

Bootstrap helps you get quality content made fast. Its the tool we use to make professsional pages in a matter of days if needed.

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Android... Everything.... Minecraft?

I have basic Java capabilities and I can make apps for android or any operating system depending on your needs.

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Popular programming language

Python has many users who have written many programs. If you need someone who can program in python lets talk I can help.

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